As a Professional canyoning provider Canyoning Bali make the safety of our participants is our top priority, We used operate in moderate risk environment, where you may find slippery rock, cold water and high cliffs etc. Because of this we have in-depth risk assessments in place that are continuously reviewed, monitored and updated. All risk assessments are available on request. All staff are aware that these risks can change. So Canyoning Bali understand, and are able to make ongoing dynamic risk assessments throughout your experience.

All our Instructors and Guides at Canyoning Bali are very passionate of canyoning activities and in outdoor sports, with high skill and experienced in the field. Some of our instructors held the Trainer level of International canyoning organization (ICOPro), Master instructor From Federation of Indonesia speleological Activity (FINSPAC), and also certified by National Professional Certification Agency for ecotourism as Assesor.

Canyoning environments we go to can be dangerous,cold and abrasive. With the best equipment We offer is to prevent of any accidents. Our wetsuits are from Vade retro with the best quality of Japanese Yamamoto neoprene which each layer 5mm. Our ropes, harnesses, helmets, are all top quality and Managed with PPE check system in place to monitor, maintain and continually assess all our equipment.

Canyoning Bali consider that footwear is also one of the most important pieces of equipment. We provide specialised canyoning boots for all our customers, so you feel comfortable,confident safe and secure in the Canyon environment.

If you have any further questions about safety, risk assessments or health and safety. Please get in touch on the following contact page.


canyoning trips bali
canyoning trips bali