Frequently Asked Questions

What is canyoning?
Canyoning is an adventure sport. Is the descend of a river system or gorge using several techniques such as Swimming, Rappeling/abseiling, climbing down, slideing, Jumping etc.

Why Canyoning Bali?
Canyoning Bali is the only references for ultimate canyoning trip in Bali, with high standard of safety our guides are certified by ICOpro (International Canyoning Organisation for Professional), We also provide many things such as Hotel Transfer, all technical gear, Meal, insurance, and footage to make your trip comfortable and unforgettable. 

Is canyoning safe?
Canyoning is an adventure sport, which has inherent risks associated with it. Although canyoning is not dangerous if you have the right knowledge, skills and best equipment, this is what we provide. Our Instructor are the highest qualified professionals in Indonesia and more importantly most experienced. We are specialists at assessing risk, and making dynamic risk assessments and adapting to situations and environments in a safe and enjoyable way. 

Where is the canyon location?
Our canyon is located in North Bali (an hour drive from Ubud or 1,5 hour from Kuta area) 

Do I Need Previous experience To Go Canyoning?
We require a decent level of fitness as the activity can involve walking, rappelling (abseiling), jumping and/or swimming. Some tours are more demanding than others, so You will need to be prepared for an active day, but we do not require athletes! 

What equipment is provided?
We provide the highest quality equipment you will need to keep you safe, comfortable and warm on your experience with us. All you need to bring is a towel, swimwear and a sense of adventure. 

What should i Bring?
Changing clothes, Usb stick, Towel. 

Do i need to have insurance?
Canyoning Bali have public liability insurance of up to Rp 100 million, but we do not provide personal insurance. This means if you have an accident, or hurt yourself on our trips as a result of your own fault, you will not be covered under our insurance. This is standard policy. We advise that if you feel it necessary to take out your own personal insurance 

What is the minimum age?
The minimum age is set due to the adventurous nature and physical nature of the canyon, also the level of adrenalin that may be involved. If you do have younger children and feel this activity is suitable for them feel free to contact us, as we are aware that some children are more adventurous than others 

How do i pay?
Payment can be done by PayPal, Credit card (3% Charge), Cash. 

Where are you based?
Canyoning Bali is based in Gitgit Village, Buleleng regency (30 minutes away from Lovina) 

Do you provide transport?
Yes, we provide transport, that price is included the transfer all places in bali island. 

What time you’ll pick me up?
Pick up time is depend to your location/accomadatioan,
if you stay arround Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu area we will pick you up at 6.00 am – 6.15 am, stay arround Ubud at 6.15 am – 6.30 am, if you stay in Lovina, we will pick you up at 7.30 am – 7.45 am. 

I can’t swim can i go canyoning?
Don’t worry, it is not essential to be able to swim. Although be aware canyoning is a full submerged activity where you will be in the water for durations of the trip. 

Can I bring my camera?
Yes! If its fully waterproof, you are welcome to bring along your own GoPros and cameras. We usually take a camera with us too, and will take pictures of the trip where we can.

Please Note: We don’t have insurance to cover your cameras or electrical equipment. The canyoning environment will be harsh on even the most robust camera equipment. we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage occurred to this equipment whist on a trip with us.  

Do you provide footwear?
Yes we provided canyoning shoe according to the canyon environment,


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canyoning trips bali