A Brief Introduction of Canyoning

Have you ever heard of canyoning? Canyoning is an activity that allows you to explore any canyon. Not only canyon, it also lets you to walk on the river, giant rocks, abseiling, and some other extreme but fun activities. If you are interested in experiencing some heart pumping and jaw dropping sport, canyoning is one of the best sport that match for you. By doing canyoning, you can explore many challenging activities, but you don’t need to worry, because canyoning is safe—as long you follow the safety instruction.

Canyoning Equipments

If you want to do canyoning with a group, it is important for you to follow the rule. In every canyoning, there is a guide that will give you and your group some safety kits. This safety kit is important, because it will protect you from any harm on your trip. As we know, in most river there are many big and sharp rocks. The track also would be slippery, because of the river stream, and many moss on the big rocks. If you put on some safety equipment, it will come in handy for you. Here are some safety equipment that are common to use in canyoning.

Helmet. Canyoning is a dangerous sport, because it is done in a watery area. It means that you might get any unwanted injury, because of the extreme track. Helmet is a safety equipment that will safe you from any harm during canyoning. So, put on a helmet to be safe.

Wetsuit. Many rocks that have sharp edge might scratch your skin. The cold temperature of water also can lead you into hypothermia. If you don’t want to experience any of those, make sure to wear a wetsuit during canyoning. Usually you will need additional safety kit, namely elbows and knees to bring more protection.

Shoes. Because of the watery track, you will step on many rocks. You will need to protect your feet by wearing a proper pair of shoes. It is suggested to use the shoe with excellent grip.

Rope. This rope is important if you want to go rappelling around the canyon. The rope can also be used as a rescue kit.

Gloves. The extra protection kit that will come in handy is gloves. This will protect your hand from many sharp things, and it will help you to get a nice grip on the rope.

Buoyancy aid. The buoyancy aid will help you to float on the river, so that you won’t get drowned. It is suggested to wear this buoyancy—even if you can swim—to make sure that you are safe.

Water-proof bag. This water-proof bag will help you to put your belongings. You can put any light and useful belongings in the bag, such as first aid, water, etc.

Communication device. This is an optional kit that can be used to call for help. It is suggested to put the device in a water-proof bag, or bring a water-proof communication device.

Some Tips on Canyoning


Canyoning is considered as a risky sport. To minimize any unwanted accident, it is suggested to do canyoning in group. There are some things that you need to consider before doing canyoning. Here are some tips about canyoning :

Prepare yourself with some skills. It is suggested for you to have some skills before doing canyoning. The skills included swimming and some basic fitness skill. It is important for you, because of the canyoning track will give you some challenge on passing it.

Know the canyoning spot. There are plenty spot of canyoning all around the world. Some famous places to do canyoning, such as Utah (USA), Val Bodengo (Italy), Corsica (France), etc. If you want to do canyoning around Asia, there are many spots of canyoning in Indonesia. One of it is Canyoning Bali, which will give you the best experience on canyoning.

Follow your guide. It is one of the most important things to do in canyoning. This is because your guide knows many things about canyoning, including the track and the canyoning skill. The guide also will make sure that you and your group stay safe and enjoy the canyoning moment.

Check the protection on the spot. You better check the spot’s protection. Even though that the tools on canyoning spot, such as bolts in any abseiling spots are considered safe. Because many people have used that, and it is better to make yourself stay safe until the end of the canyoning.

Enjoy every moment. After all, canyoning is fun to do with your friends, so enjoy every moment in canyoning.

Canyoning is an extreme sport, but it is fun at the same time. So, you must prepare yourself before canyoning, and remember to have fun!


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canyoning trips bali